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This website

2016-04-06 22:11:45 by Jehosapha

I wasted so much time on this website when I was younger.


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2016-04-06 22:40:03

Come on you're still young. *nudge nudge*


2016-04-06 22:51:36

I'm 28 and I still fuck around here. It's fun to contribute.


2016-07-28 20:53:34

Yes, you definitely did. The first case of someone stealing other users content I had seen, and my own content at that.

Jehosapha responds:



2017-04-28 20:30:32

ah, dont worry man!

i still laugh+like your old SS/BB/other spam movies, so it was time well-spent, in my opinion!

be it because you pissed off many young NG members,
OR, because you've made alot of people to laugh with your cool spam movies(like i did),
and you will see that you've created quite an impact on this site!

i also remember orangebeef, babar, squ33f, daveb0t, MAYORMCHEESE, drunkmagikoopa(aka=TEEEEHHH), yellow-powerranger, splatterclock, lollercupcake, and you.
you guys are legendary NG trolls!

i also remember some of the great socom squad/glock group/wade birdcage(sic)/uzi union flash movies+parodies, so those were some very funny films to watch...
even if some of them were too short and silly.
others were better, and some were amazing!
but yeah...

dont worry man, you are not only a well-known legend of NG, but you've also given us alot of joy+happiness with your epic spam movies...
so nothing was wasted, imho.

also: how old are you?
im sure that you're still young, so plz dont worry!

thats all.
have a nice day.

Jehosapha responds:

Thanks BB8! You've always been a nice guy.